Barcelona around the globe with the Museu de l’Art Prohibit

29 Jan 2024 | News

Within just three months since opening, the Museu de l’Art Prohibit has attracted the interest of a diverse audience and the most important media outlets from around the world

After three months, the Museu de l’Art Prohibit has been very well received by visitors and the media from some fifty countries. The world’s most important news agencies and media channels from Germany, Africa , Argentina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Korea, Denmark, Spain, France, Finland, Holland, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Portugal, Russia and Chile, among others, have highlighted the project’s uniqueness and celebrated its commitment to freedom of expression.

“Visitors have recognised our museum project and accompanied us to discover unparalleled readings of the artworks and their context. Many young people visit our museum and reaching a diverse audience was one of our objectives”, notes the director of Museu de l’Art Prohibit, Rosa Rodrigo.

Headlines from The Guardian, Le Monde, The Times, The Economist, El País, La Vanguardia, ABC, Vanity Fair and Forbes have echoed the opening of the only museum in the world dedicated to exhibiting artworks that have been banned, censored, attacked or removed from display. National and international radio and television stations have also reported on the Museu de l’Art Prohibit, including German television and ARTE:

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According to the museum’s art director, Carles Guerra, “The attention received from around the world on the opening of the Museu de l’Art Prohibit is indicative of the ubiquity of censorship. It is a global phenomenon that is receiving specific attention for the first time. The Museu de l’Art Prohibit has brought the complexity of censorship in our societies to the forefront. Every act of censorship, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated, is now met with a social reaction that highlights the power of creativity and the autonomy that we have gained from certain powers.”